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I made the sad mistake of crossing paths with Towbin Dodge on the purchase of a used Kia Sedona Van and right from the beginning they lied.On the phone they said one price and 30 minutes later they said a much higher price that included $200.

for window etching and $400 in DOC fees. The window etching they do themselves for nothing. All together they wanted over $700. more then they said on the phone.

But I bought the van thinking it was a good deal since they’re a 5 star dealer with 121 point inspections done on their used cars with warranties for 90 days or 3000 miles. WRONG ANSWER, the check engine light came on as soon as I got 20 miles from the dealer. Then I found out the air conditioner didn't work and on top of all that it started making a bunch of noise in the engine. All within 24 hours of purchase.

I would have returned the car but the salesman lied and said they would fix everything. The first trip up there after 11 hours waiting (400 miles round trip) all they did was reset the computer to turn off the check engine light. It came right back on. On the second trip up I knew they would never make the van right so I asked for a refund.

Frank the GM started yelling at me they don’t have a 3-day refund with there flex program and finally offered 1. a refund minus $700. or 2. a trade (with only a wholesale allowance for the van I just bought from them and additional doc fee on top of that).

I asked for the refund so I could just leave. Then the Frank the GM tried to get me to take a Ford Focus with loud engine noise and 88K for trade. I said no get the refund and I will leave. After waiting for hours Frank told me to leave and the used car salesman would call me in a few days.

I said no because I wasn’t satisfied with his changing his mind about my refund. Then Frank stated "if I didn’t leave he was going to call the police". I wasn’t leaving since they still had a second set of keys to my car and after trying for another hour to locate the keys I left without them. I think they tossed my keys in the trash.

Auto Dealers don’t loose car keys! The set they lost still had the original dealer’s tag on it from when I bought the car. Now they want to see my van but will not make any promises that they will fix anything until they see it. After seeing the van twice why would I drive 400 miles round trip to be insulted and taken advantage of by a bunch of liars.

Out of 40 calls to the dealership on 3-4 were returned. My advice is telling everyone you know not to buy anything from these people.

I will forward all these complaints to A&E and hope they understand the problem with letting these want a be's have any airtime.

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