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I attempted to purchase a 2008 Dodge Caliber from Towbin Dodge in Henderson, NV on 6/5/2010, this was the beginning of my nightmare.From the start I told them due to dislocating both of my knees I can not drive a stick, the first car they tried to sell me was a stick.

Bob our salesman called me "rude" and "disrespectful" because I expressed my displeasure at him trying to finance us a car I can't drive. After we finally got that taken care of, we were financed for the car we wanted. This is where things get really shady. We had the car for 20 days, did not receive the green slip so we can register the vehicle.

The receptionist kept telling us it takes up to 30 days, Nevada law says they are required to have it to you with in 21 days. On the 20th day of having the car we get a call saying the "financing fell through"and that if we didn't come up with more money to put down we would have to return the car. First off this type of "bait and switch" is known as a yo-yo scam and is currently being debated in congress to be made illegal. Second the dealership is required at least in the state of Nevada to notify you by mail with in 15 days if your financing falls through, this did not happen.

When we went into the dealership to confront them about this they said well if you give the car back now you will have to pay rental charges of $39.00 plus mileage, I have a 60 mile commute round trip for my job. I informed them that we would need to see what we could do and then come back. We came back with all of our contract information, information we got from a friend of ours who's a district attorney, and all the information on Yo-Yo scams. We spoke with Kai who appeared very apologetic, and we showed him the information, he admitted that he wanted to get another job and not work for them.

However the floor manager who refused to give us his real name told us he's been doing this for 25 years and there is NOTHING illegal about it. The sales people went of to talk to another manager about what was going on, and not one but THREE other customers of the dealership came up to us complaining that the exact same thing was happening to them. I gave them what information I had, and Andy came out and threatened to have me ARRESTED! He said I was slandering his dealership and causing a nuisance, I said no these people asked me a question.

He said "I've been behaving like a gentleman, you need to act like a lady" Mind you I wasn't screaming, I wasn't yelling I didn't even raise my voice, but I was being threatened with arrest.

Finally we got our down payment back and left the dealership with out any further hassle...or so I thought.A couple days later I got a voice mail from the dealership while at work, the gentleman Kai was very professional until he THOUGHT he had hung up the phone, he refers to us as the "f*cking pain in the *ss couple, pulling a whole bunch of *ullshi* he then repeats the fact that he wants another job" In the end we were able to get the same car in a better color with 20,000 less miles, same price, lower interest rate, and a warranty at a different dealership.

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Why would you still buy if the guy was rude in The first place?

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #820259

I had good luck with carmax


Hey gene *** the police


People seem to think that it is their God given right to walk into a retail outlet and

demand demand demand.As for TBT and your credentials, who cares.

Dealers, did you get that word TBT? They are in the business of marking up. Just like Walmart, Target etc. Being a CPA you should know this, right?

If you are not happy with whats going on, get up and leave before all of this unfolds!!

Oh, by the way I am a police officer.

Are you impressed with that??Like I was with your credentials it is useless information.


All of you sound like very inexperianced car buyers.Remeber the old saying"if it sounds to good be true it probably is".

Also I would like to hear Towbins side of the stories.Show some common sence and just walk away.


To All:

Business is alowwed to make money. This is America not a communist State.

SSGT Rainear

20 August 2011 :p


---Bob our salesman called me "rude" and "disrespectful" because I expressed my displeasure at him trying to finance us a car I can't drive.---

The writing was on the wall at this point, and you're surprised things got worse? you should have HIGHTAILED it after being treated like that. ***...

to ***fused Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #820257

I would have said f you and leave once bob open his fat mouth


Towbin mark up their vehichles.The tag may say 16,999, but remember, you have to pay extra for the leather seats, cloth seats, reconditioning fee (if trade in for $400.00), power seats, doors, battery, windows, tires, gas pedals, door handles, roof, etc..

They will not disclose this to you until the end when you're finally worn out from them haggling you for hours on end. They wasted 5 hours of my time, not to mention they held our car keys hostage until we met with the GM. In return, since we did not purchase from them, the GM told us we wasted their time! Beware, they understate your trade in and overstate the actual price in thier vehicles.

We ended up purchasing from Cadillac of Las Vegas on W. Sahara. Not only did they give us what we were asking on our trade but they marked down their price below blue book value for us. They did not even do the 4 square Towbin does to try to confuse and sucker you into buying at inflated prices!!

Boy, if I had a penny for everytime they try to scam someone, I'd be rich! I highly recommend not purchasing from Towbin, period, as they think everyone is ignorant when it comes to numbers.

I'm a CPA with a MBA in accouting.In my case, I intimidated them when I figured out we were being scammed and called them out on it!


Yeah, I have been watching their ads for 2 years now.The first time I came in, was when they were advertising 2008 chargers for 16,999.

The commercial was on, constantly, so being that it was a good deal, I went down there but of course there was no charger at that price. Not to mention, they currently have a 4000 discount on the challengers that is on their site, yet Bob is telling me that this special is not true and has never existed. I not only printed out the copy of the page, but also videotaped the actual commercial.

These guys are thiefs, and I cant believe the city hasnt come down on them for unethical business practice.People need to start calling the chamber of commerce and better business bureu

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