I'll make it short and simple. My son went to Towbin to buy a truck. When the *** sales guys found my son's credit score a little low he said he would check with his finance department in the morning and get back to us. Of course we did not hear back from anyone.........................

What the *** didn't know, (mostly because we wanted to see how Towbin really treats their customers) my son had CASH!!! We are talking about 17K dollars for a truck....

Well, guess what Towbin,,,,,, He bought a Titan, CASH!!!!!

You sales people under estimated a 20 year old and his very smart mom!!!!

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I went to towbin, and kai the salesman offered to have my miles rolled back from 65k to 35k so that I could use my cash to by a new car from him insted of paying Chrysler for my overage.When I told them that I did not want to be privie to any illegal activities, he then solicited me with an in unthorized friendsaand family discount (A- plan) off a dead Chrysler factory employee from Detroit!!

Geeez!! Again shocked by his suggestion, I attempted to then leave and turn my vehicle n elsewhere. When I went to retrieve my car keys after 4 hrs of being there, I was told that my vehicle had already been picked up by Chrysler and was being taken to Manheim las Vegas to be sold at AUCTION!! WTF!!

with my laptop, and car seats still inside. Ultimately I did not get my vehicle back for 2 days, my laptop was gone, and 1 of the car seats had oil all over it. Towbin sux!! I eventually ended up going to California and purchasing a car.

Scam free!!Thanx towbin for a lesson in fruadulant business practices!!


something doesn't make sense here if he had Cash and was paying in full by cash why would a credit check even be done as there would be no need for it?


Kelly, you're an ***.She didn't say his credit was BAD---she said it was LOW.

Of course at 20 years old his credit score is low, he's just starting out. And for him to have $17,000 in cash, he's probably been saving his earnings like any responsible person (or kid) should've been doing. My son's credit score was LOW, but clean, and clean enough that at 21 years old he bought a house, and now he's shopping for a newer car. You judge by the score?

That's what's wrong with this country now. Too many people with HIGH scores but LOW morals buying things they can't afford just because their scores are good. And people with low scores and low (but clean) credit exposure get scrutinized.

Good luck to the kid and his mom, and keep up the good work.It's worth it in the end.




Yeah right!!!!!!!!! Possibly if he had used the 17,000 to pay his bills he wouldn't of had **** credit, and his poor feelings wouldn't of been hurt!

Thats right DEADBEAT people out there, use your mountain of cash to pay tour creditors b-4 you buy a new truck!!!

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